Sushi by Scratch Restaurants

Serving up unique takes on sushi with a little bit of whimsy in each bite,Sushi by Scratch Restaurants is the creation of Chef Phillip Frankland Lee, serving a classic omakase experience in 17 courses. This one-of-a-kind sushi restaurant inside Montecito Inn delivers a free-form interpretive take on the traditional sushi counter experience.

Behind the Door

Sit right up against the chef’s counter, containing 10 prized, intimate seats where you'll enjoy a first-hand, up-close experience. Chefs prepare a playful reverie on new wave nigiri and other land and sea delicacies. At Sushi Bar, you can always expect unexpected riffs on beloved standards.

Black Snapper Image Slide1, Link to Larger Image Black Snapper
Image Slide1 Link to Larger Image Spanish Blue Fin Chu-Toro with Italian Sturgeon Caviar
Image Slide2 Link to Larger Image Tai with Chili Ponzu
Image Slide3 Link to Larger Image Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
Image Slide4 Link to Larger Image Kaffir Lime Ice Cream
Image Slide5 Link to Larger Image Japanese Old Fashioned
Image Slide6 Link to Larger Image The Real Seal of Shimoda